The Many Health Benefits of Professional Spa Pedicures

October 13 2019
The Many Health Benefits of Professional Spa Pedicures

Most people agree that spa pedicures are wonderful – you get to take a few minutes to relax, soak your feet, get a massage, and your feet look great when you’re done! But spa pedicures are much more than looking good and getting a rest. There are plenty of healthy reasons to keep to a regular schedule of professional spa pedicures.

Exfoliating. Your professional spa pedicure technician uses special products and techniques that exfoliate the skin on your feet. exfoliating removes dead skin cells that you can’t see, and these can clog your pores and leave your skin surface looking dull and unhealthy. When dead skin cells are removed, it stimulates the processes in your skin that build new skin cells and collagen proteins. Skin rejuvenation helps keep your skin healthy.

Improved circulation. That massage does more than feel good. It helps stimulate your circulation. This increases blood flow – and oxygen delivery – to your cells, as well as optimizes your lymphatic system, which flush toxins away. 

Helps prevent infection. Keeping your toenails trimmed properly and clearing away any dirt helps prevent ingrown toenails and other conditions that can lead to infection. Your professional spa pedicure technician knows the right way to trim nails to prevent damage.

Find problems before they get worse. Your professional technician is always on the lookout for problems that you may not be able to see. Fungus growth happens slowly, and often we don’t even notice it, especially down on our toes, until it’s a problem. Your professional spa pedicure technician can spot potential problems and address them before they get worse.

Moisturizing. Your feet, just like the rest of your body, needs proper moisture to stay healthy, but many times we ignore our feet when it comes to things like moisturizing. Every time you get a professional spa pedicure, your feet get a much-needed dose of lotions and oils that nourish your skin and help prevent issues like dry, cracked feet or blisters.

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