The Many Benefits of Prenatal Massage

March 30 2020
The Many Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful and exciting stages of life. No other feeling quite compares to those first little kicks and wiggles. As wonderful as pregnancy is, it does bring with it a list of common discomforts and concerns. Treating uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms can be challenging because many medications and treatments are not safe for pregnant women. Prenatal massage has many benefits and offers safe drug-free relief.

Stress Relief, Hormone Regulation, and Improved Sleep

Recent studies have shown that biweekly massages may decrease levels of stress-related hormones in as little as five weeks. The reduction of these hormones is associated with improved cardiovascular health. It’s also been shown to boost levels of mood-regulating hormones which can help ease symptoms of depression. Insomnia is a very common complaint among pregnant women and the relaxation and hormone regulation massage provided can improve sleep. These hormone level changes also resulted in fewer complications for mother and baby both during and after birth.

Reduced Swelling and Leg Cramps

During pregnancy, your circulatory system is working twice as hard. This can result in fluid and toxins building up in your tissues causing uncomfortable swelling and possibly even leg cramps. Massage helps to release this buildup and boosts circulation so your body can more easily remove the excess fluids and stimulates your lymph system to flush out those toxins.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Your weight increases. Your center of gravity shifts and the weight of your growing uterus can compress nerves. This creates muscle tension, and many women experience low back, hip and knee pain later in pregnancy. They may also notice more tension in the neck and shoulders resulting in more headaches. Prenatal massage can relax these muscles and reduce the pain without the worry about the side effect of medications.


As with any treatment or procedure, you should consult their prenatal care provider to be sure that prenatal massage is right for them. Look for a prenatal massage therapist with the knowledge and experience to address the specific needs of expectant mothers.

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