Fun Hair Color Trends for Fall 2019

August 31 2019
Fun Hair Color Trends for Fall 2019

The end of August is near, and it’s time to bid farewell to the steamy hot days of summer. Fall 2019 is right around the corner, and the change of seasons is a perfect time to update your style, with a completely new fall wardrobe and a new hairstyle. One of the easiest ways to change up your hair is with a new hair color. Today, we’ve put together the hottest hair colors trending for fall to inspire you as you discover your new look.

Blondes. Blonde is always a fun color because its shades vary so widely. For this fall, one fun trend is mushroom blonde, an earthy hue that complements the shades of nature during the autumn season. The shade can range from a light mushroom white-blonde to a darker, dirty blonde look. It’s subtle and sophisticated, and best of all, looks great with a fall wardrobe. If you like things brighter, try the trend that keeps things dark at the roots: rooted gold blonde. The gold is a warm shade perfect for fall, with darker, natural looking roots that add interest to the color.

Brunettes. For darker brunettes, we have one word for you: cinnamon. Spice up your deep browns and blacks with warm cinnamon highlights to welcome in the cooler fall weather. Highlights can be very subtle for that radiant glow or more abundant for a contrast that adds that extra texture to your style. another highlight color choice that adds warmth is chestnut, which gives your hair that slight hint of red that blends in with the traditional fall colors of nature.

Redheads. Copper is the word of the season for redheads. Warm copper shades tone down and softens those brighter reds to celebrate the autumn colors of nature. If you prefer things on the bright side, add some fun orange highlights that shimmer in the cool autumn sun. Another light option provides the best of both worlds: a coral copper shade looks great with any fall wardrobe.

Fantasy colors. If you prefer a less traditional hue, shades of pink and blue, whether as subtle highlights or a full, rich color, will look great with your fall wardrobe. These colors are fun, unique, and really make a statement about your bold, expressive personality.

With so many choices available, we’re hoping you get inspired to try a fun new hair color for your fall 2019 style. Make an appointment today at the Salon & Spa @ Greenbriar, and our professional stylists will help you choose the perfect shade for your unique style and personality. Call us today at 254.939.3700 or visit us at 217 East Central Ave in Belton, Texas to book an appointment for your new fall look.