Get a Smooth Look for Summer with Bikini Waxing

May 15 2019
Get a Smooth Look for Summer with Bikini Waxing

With bikini season just about upon us, it’s time to start thinking about waxing again for a smooth, hair-free look as you frolic along the beaches. But shaving isn’t the way to go – it can leave you with uncomfortable stubble, cause nicks and cuts, and hair grows back quickly, so you need to shave all the time. There are creams and gels, but these are often ineffective and can irritate skin in that sensitive area. The best solution is waxing, and there are options for that bare bikini look – bikini waxing, bikini full waxing, and Brazilian waxing.

What’s the difference? Bikini waxing gets rid of unwanted hair around the bikini line, leaving everything under the panty line intact but no hair peeking out the sides. A bikini full waxing goes a little further, leaving just a strip or small triangle of hair in the area, for ultra-small bikinis or if you just like that smooth, hair-free feeling. The Brazilian wax goes a step further, removing all hair from the belly button down and around to the back side, leaving the front either completely hair-free or with a small strip. All three options look great during bikini season.

Waxing removes hair at the root, so it takes much longer to grow back than shaving. Because it needs to regrow the follicle and the hair shaft, hair grows back thinner and finer in areas that are waxed regularly – a huge plus for the bikini area, because this makes waxing appointment easier as you go. It’s important not to shave between salon visits, because this disrupts the cycle and you’ll start the process over.

Many women are nervous about their first waxing, especially in a sensitive area like the bikini line. Professional estheticians know how to wax with minimal discomfort. In fact, many times discomfort is caused by anxiety, not the actual procedure. It’s important to relax – the procedure is like many other pampering treatments at your spa. If it’s your first waxing treatment, resist the urge to shave – your hair will need to be long enough to grip the wax. Talk to your esthetician about how long you should go without shaving prior to your first appointment.

Once your first waxing is done, you’ll never want go back to shaving! Your skin will be not only free of hair, but also unbelievably soft and smooth, because waxing also exfoliates your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and other build-up that keeps skin dull and slows down its natural renewal processes. It’s important to keep up waxing year-round so you don’t lose any progress and so your waxing appointments become easier and easier.

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