Manicures for the Health of your Skin & Nails

February 16 2019
Manicures for the Health of your Skin & Nails

If you’ve never had a professional manicure, you may not realize how important they actually are to your beauty and skincare routine. Regular manicures have a great deal of benefits for the health of your nails and skin while giving you a relaxing break from the stresses of your every day schedule.

Healthy skin. Massaging of the hands is a part of any manicure. We apply creams, oils, and lotions while massaging in a motion that stimulates blood flow. Stimulating blood flow delivers vital oxygen to the cells in your hands, allowing them to perform at optimal levels, while delivering moisture to the hands for healthy skin.

Texture improvement. We have a variety of products to suit your skin’s texture, leaving your hands soft, beautiful, and younger-looking. Our expert nail technician will find out about your lifestyle and customize the products for your individual needs.

Addressing infections. Our nails take so much abuse day in and day out that a fungal infection can sneak up on you before you realize it’s a problem. As you are enjoying your manicure, your nail technician will address any problems before they become an uncomfortable and unsightly issue.

Repairing damage. Because your nails take abuse every day, you may need some TLC to repair rough, chipped nails. We focus on the nail health, make notes on your individual needs, and take steps to repair and prevent further damage. It’s a good idea to keep a regular schedule of manicures with the same nail tech so that we can maintain the same treatment personalized for your needs.

Now let’s speak of some of the more “fun” aspects of a manicure:

Imagination and creativity. We offer a huge variety of nail polish colors, as well as talented experts for artistic decorations to make your nails uniquely “you” and beautiful.

Say goodbye to stress. When it comes right down to it, manicures are a relaxing, fun way to take some time out of your busy schedule to relax and pamper yourself. It’s a great part of an overall wellness routine.

If your nails and hands are in need of some pampering, let a manicure become a part of your regular wellness routine. Call us today at 254.939.3700 or come into The Salon & Spa @ Greenbriar at: 217 East Central Ave, Belton TX.