Love Your Nails with a NexGen Organic Dip

February 15 2020
Love Your Nails with a NexGen Organic Dip

The days of searching for the perfect nails are over! NexGen Organic Dip Nails will give you the nails of your dreams. While acrylics and gel nails can damage your nail beds, NexGen Nails nourish and protect your natural nails to allow them to grow healthy and strong.

Why NexGen Nails Are Better Than the Alternatives

NexGen Organic Dip nails are waterproof yet breathable, which protects the health of your nail beds and guards against fungal infections that can be a problem with other artificial nail treatments. The nail dip powder is fortified with calcium and vitamin E to nourish your nails and encourage healthy growth of your natural nails. 

These thin, flexible, natural-feeling nail enhancements are resistant to chips and cracks, are more environmentally friendly,  and are non-toxic and odor-free. They are non-yellowing, and the strong, durable finish holds its shine longer than other options do. 

What Can I Expect

Before applying your NexGen nails, your nail technician will prep your natural nails by removing any existing nail enhancements and polish. Sanitizing your hands and nails will guard against infection. Then, your natural nails will be prepped with either a fine sand band or nail buffer to allow more secure application and longer lasting results. 

Next, your nails will be shaped to your liking, whether by shaping your natural nail or by applying tips. With the prep work done, a base coat is applied to your nails before dipping them in the NexGen Organic Dip powder and finishing with a final topcoat. Now with your nails applied you can leave them natural or finish with any nail polish or nail art of your choosing.

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