Combat Dry Winter Skin With A Manicure

November 24 2019
Combat Dry Winter Skin With A Manicure

Our hands are the most exposed and most used parts of our body. With its bone dry air and frequent hand washing to prevent colds and flu, winter is very harsh on your hands and nails. There is something that can help though! You can keep your hands and nails looking and feeling great all winter with regular manicures.

Heal and Prevent Dry Cracked Skin - Dead skin can prevent much-needed moisture from absorbing into the skin, making dry skin worse. This can lead to chapped and cracked skin that is painful and vulnerable to infection. Our nail technicians will exfoliate your skin to remove those dead skin cells. Then they will apply the best products to moisturize your skin and keep it supple and healthy. 

Cuticles Need Care Too - Neglecting your cuticles can have painful results. Keeping your cuticles well moisturized and trimmed can prevent hangnails and sore, cracked cuticles. For this, you need a good quality cuticle cream. Regular hand creams often aren’t enough to do the job on their own. But over-trimming and improper care can backfire and make matters worse. Your cuticles protect your nails. Over trimming cuticles leaves your nails susceptible to infection. So it’s best to leave cuticle care to the professionals.

Neglected Nails Become Dry and Brittle - Cold, dry winter air is not just harsh on your skin and cuticles. Your nails need special care to keep them strong and healthy as well. Dry nails will soon become brittle and will start to crack and peel. At Greenbriar, we know just the right techniques and products to condition, strengthen, and protect your nails from damage.

Our professional nail technicians at the Spa & Salon @ Greenbriar will have your hands and nails looking and feeling their best. They can recommend the perfect products to help keep your hands healthy and beautiful between appointments. Call us for your manicure appointment today at 254.939.3700, book online, or visit us at 217 East Central Ave in Belton, Texas.