Get Beautiful, Healthy Skin All Over with Body Treatments

June 15 2019
Get Beautiful, Healthy Skin All Over with Body Treatments

Want to trim an inch or two, smooth and soften your skin all over, or just relax and enjoy a luxurious spa treatment? Body treatments are a great way to help you look and feel your best. Body treatments are like a facial for your entire body, complete with relaxing massage and aromatherapy, skin cleansing, massage, and hydration, exfoliating treatments that smooth your skin and stimulate collagen production, and, in some cases, special treatments that help you lose excess inches.

Treatments range from body polishes, which are massages with special sea salts, oils, and aromatherapy treatments, to body wraps, which detoxify your skin all over and addresses excess inches and cellulite. Like their facial counterparts, body treatments have amazing benefits for your physical and mental well-being:

Relaxing. Like their facial counterparts, body treatments let you relax and enjoy some “me time” in a calm, relaxing environment. It’s a multi-sensory experience of touch and smell that calms your mind and body for the perfect escape from your busy day.

Anti-aging. Body treatments are designed to care for the skin on your body the way facials care for your face. Cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating ingredients help stimulate your skin’s renewal processes that slow as we age, revitalizing cell production to restore your skin to its youthful appearance.

Blood circulation. The massage you get with most body treatments stimulates circulation to deliver vital oxygen to your skin and body organs, promoting health and restoring optimal function to your body.

Detoxification. The same process that stimulate blood circulation also stimulate your lymphatic system to expel toxins more efficiently and keep your skin, muscles, and organs healthy.

Sooth sore muscles. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or experience muscle strain from sports or other strenuous activity, body treatments can help your muscles relax and heal.

Weight loss. Some body treatments are specifically designed to help you eliminate unwanted inches and cellulite, leaving you slimmer and looking your best for that special occasion – or any day!

Body treatments are a great way to look and feel great while optimizing your skin’s health all over your body. At the Spa & Salon @ Greenbriar, our professional estheticians can help you choose the right body treatment for your individual needs. From our exclusive inch-loss treatments to our luscious chocotherapy treatments, to our exquisite Aveda aroma body polishes and wraps, we have the perfect body treatment to help you look at feel your best. Call us at 254.939.3700 or visit us at 217 East Central Ave in Belton, Texas to book an appointment or talk with our professional estheticians about your body’s skincare needs.