Enjoy a Massage for Relaxation and Health Benefits

August 13 2019
Enjoy a Massage for Relaxation and Health Benefits

It’s nearly back-to-school time for many, and whether you’re a parent who’s kids are headed back to school or a college student looking forward to a challenging semester, a great massage is the perfect way to relax and get in a little “me time” as the summer winds down. In addition to relaxation, massages provide several valuable health benefits.

Reduced pain. Between vacations, barbeques, family get-togethers, and other summer activities, most people are more active during the summer months, and that can sometimes mean sore muscles from all the extra exercise. Massage helps increase circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles while flushing away toxins. It also helps relax those muscle spasms that can often make pain feel more intense.

Better flexibility. When massage relaxes muscles, it helps restore a full range of movement. Whether you’re working out or just doing the laundry, flexibility helps your body move better and avoid injury.

Better sleep. Most people simply don’t get enough quality sleep. If you wake up still feeling tired, you probably haven’t had enough restful sleep. Massage helps you relax in both body and mind, which can help you drift off into a better night’s sleep once you hit the pillow.

Improved immunity. There are lots of germs out there in the world, and a weakened immune system can leave you vulnerable to frequent colds and flu. Massage stimulates your lymphatic system, which regulates fluids, flushes toxins, and brings foreign substances to your immune cells so they can do their work to fight off infection.

Reduced stress. Stress is that fight-or-flight response that works great in survival situations, but when it builds up from everyday life, it can play a role in several disorders. Too much stress can give you headaches, stomach problems, emotional issues, high blood pressure, and much more. That relaxing day at the spa does more than just feel good in the moment. It relaxes all the muscles in your body to help alleviate all that extra stress.

Less fatigue. Since massage can lift your mood during the day and help you get a restful night’s sleep, many people experience decreased fatigue with regular massages.

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