Six Tips for Flawless Summer Makeup

July 15 2019
Six Tips for Flawless Summer Makeup

Is your summer makeup melting away? Not to worry. There are a few things you can do to help beat the heat and keep everything in its place, and today, we’ll talk about the top six tips from the pros for keeping your makeup looking great all summer long.

Primer. If you start with the right base, everything will fall into place. For makeup, that means a light layer of oil-free primer. Although it seems like an extra step, it’s one of the most important way to keep makeup from running when things get hot.

Tinted moisturizer. A layer of foundation looks great when first applied, but it probably won’t hold up to the heat. Try a tinted moisturizer instead to get light coverage and moisturizing in one step. Even better, look for a three-in-one that also has sunscreen, something you don’t want to be without when the sun’s heat beats down. 

Bronzer. Speaking of sun, we all want the warm glow of a tan, but basking in the hot sun means damaging your skin. Get a warm, gorgeous glow with a good bronzer brushed lightly on your forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks. The most natural-looking bronzers are those with multiple colors that blend together as you brush over them.

Hold the powder. Powder shadows and blushes look great – until you sweat. Powder plus sweat equals caking, which never looks good. Instead, go with gels, stains, and liquids, and use eye primer before you apply shadow to keep it looking great all day. 






Go waterproof. While waterproof mascara is common, today there are lots of different makeup products on the market that are waterproof, including blushes and eye makeup. Look for waterproof versions of your favorite colors for fun in the sun. 

Lighten up. Finally, while heavier creams, foundations, and powders look great in the cooler months, keep things light in the summer with the less-is-more look. Sheer colors and light coverage look perfect in the warm summer months.

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