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Jenn V.

Jenn V.


I became a massage therapist a little over 6 years ago from the “New Beginnings School of Massage. I made the decision to choose massage therapy for my career after seeing the wondrous improvements it made in my Mother’s life after she was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease. I watched as it help her with pain control and mobility and thought to myself “That is what I want to do”. It is because of that, that I specialize in Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Sports massage and “Fibro Massage”. I also have a vast knowledge in Aroma Therapies, Swedish, Prenatal and Hot Stone Therapy. I am also currently enrolled at the Aveda Institute in Austin, Tx. I want  to achieve the goal of have my clients have a full day going from the table  to the chair. My guests are always my first priority in making sure all of their needs are met. 
   I am a mother of 4 beautiful children 3 boys and 1 girl, and have been in an amazing partnership with my husband for going on 14 years. I am originally from Arlington, Tx. I met my amazing husband almost 14 years  ago and he swept me off my feet and took me around the world with his military career. We settled here in the Belton area about 5 years ago in July after my husband medically retired from a great 15year career in the Army and we could not love it more. This truly is our home.


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